Tough Ten Challenges provides readers with some intriguing resources and blogs that will ultimately enhance their running game. Find some great organisations here that are devoted to running.

Let’s Get Running –

This podcast is, to date, the world’s only bus-driving and running crossover. The podcast interviews coaches, psychologists, top runners, Olympians, dieticians, and sports scientists, to bring listeners the stories behind their life and careers – with actionable insight to improve your own running. Two unsuccessful athletes, Shaun and Jermaine, presents podcasts weekly.

Easy Runner –

This blog is a leading specialist running shop in Bristol, established way back in 1987. They have a mission of providing athletes with the best possible service. They stock footwear and apparel for every kind of runner. The shop is one of the most popular shops in the Southwest, catering to the needs of athletes via their blog too.

Front Runners –

Based in Sheffield, England, the Front Runner blog presents readers with picture stories, GPS logs of memorable routes, training sessions and races. They also include product reviews on sports clothing and apparel. They often feature the latest tech on the market. The blog also publishes race results from the Front Runner team. This site is for professionals and rookies.

The Ordinary Runner –

As the name suggests, this is a blog for the ordinary runners – with no special bells and conditions attached. It was established simply for the love of running. This channel is for a runner who doesn’t mind running in the back – as winning a race is simply not the point of running. Ordinary runners can get involved without caring too much about competition.

RunUltra –

This community is based in London, England. Here, you can discover everything about ultra-running, ultra-race listings and reviews from the runner community in London. This site features news and updates about Ultra Runners.

Athletes can book Ultra Marathon events, share tips and their stories with other athletes. The site also presents Ultra Running gear and clothing reviews. The mission of this community is to motivate runners to participate in the events organised by RunUltra.

With all these helpful blogs and sites at your disposal, there is enough to pique your interest. This site will help runners to stay curious and on top of their running game. For more details, readers are welcome to contact us.