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Thousands of running events occur annually, and running clubs are always keen on joining in. This site presents readers with some insight into the science of running and all they need to achieve their training goals.

Get some tips here for finding a sponsor for your running club. Clubs with a high success rate are more likely to raise funds required to organise or attend an event. Discover how sponsorships can be of mutual benefit to all parties involved, including the sponsor, athletes, organisers, and the audience.

There are numerous benefits involved once you decide to start training with a running club. Every club will have its own set of perks, rules, and conditions. There may be a club that will cater to all your needs as an aspiring athlete. Find more reasons here for joining a running club near you.

Articles here will also explore various ways of preparing for a running competition. These guidelines were taken from expert athletes. Readers can find many more links online that will help them to prepare for an event. However, this site has made it easier by condensing all the relevant information on one platform.

If you are looking for a competent running coach, then look no further. Tough Ten Challenges has compiled a list of notable traits that any aspiring athlete should look for in a running coach. Find a coach nearby to start preparations for a big running event.

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